Symbol Rush
Opening September 20, 6-9 pm
Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum, 161 Essex
Performance by Gryphon Rue & Benton C Bainbridge
Lauren Allegrezza, Jerry Pagane, Clayton Patterson, Elsa Rensaa, Holton Rower, Richard Oviet Tyler
September 20 – October 4, 2017
Curated by Gryphon Rue
gryphon_rue_benton_c_bainbridge_at_andrew_freedman_home_cropGryphon Rue and Benton C Bainbridge perform immersive, real-time media with bowed singing saw and Lisa Joy: a modified game console driven by signals from modular synthesizers.

Free Labor Day performance on Governor’s Island.
Take the 3 PM Ferry from Manhattan or Brooklyn.
Performance from 4 PM to 5 PM. Last Ferry back at 6 PM

Google Portrait (ft. Joakim) Village Voice article

STRANGE ATTRACTOR on view at Ballroom Marfa Read more about this exhibition in the following publications: Strange Attractor Exhibition Guide | The Strange Attractor Reader | “Calder and Sound”Channa Horwitz_Sonakinatography I_Composition XXII_photo by Alex MarksDouglas Ross_abstraxi_Photo by Alex_Marks_Strange_Attractor.jpg (1)TOMAlexander Calder_Clangor_Photo by Alex_Marks_Strange_Attractor-1 (1)Thomas Ashcraft_Transient Luminous Events Above The Mesosphere_Photo by Alex_Marks_Strange_Attractor (1)Channa Horwitz_8th_Level_Discovered_photo by Alex MarksPhillipa Horan_Foreign Exchange_Photo by Alex MarksPhillipa Horan_Foreign Exchange_andDouglas Ross_abstraxi_Photo by Alex_Marks_Strange_AttractorPhillipa Horan_Foreign Exchange_Photo by Alex_Marks_Strange_Attractor (1) (1)Lawrence Abu Hamdan_Conflicted Phonemes_Photo By Alex_Marks_Strange_Attractor-24 (1)Lawrence Abu Hamdan_Conflicted Phonemes_Photo By Alex_Marks_Strange_Attractor-24Lawrence Abu Hamdan_Conflicted Phonemes_Photo By Alex_Marks_Strange_Attractor (1)Thomas Ashcraft_Coins To Be Traded For Shining Cake_Photo by Alex MarksDouglas Ross_abstraxi_Photo by Alex_Marks_Strange_Attractor (1)Thomas Ashcraft_Red Sprite over Taos, NM_photo by Alex Marks4F5A7985Robert Buck_At the end of the day...(Holding area, US Customs and Border Protection Nogales Placement Center, Nogales, AZ, June 18, 2014)_Alex_Marks_Strange_Attractor-35Beatrice Gibson_FForFibonacci_still13_pressBeatrice Gibson_FForFibonacci_Alex_Marks_Strange_Attractor-31Beatrice Gibson_FForFibonacci_Edition1_pressLucky Dragons_Agreements_(5-10)_photo by Alex Marks.jpg Lucky Dragons_Agreements_(5-10)_photo by Alex Marks (3)Lucky Dragons_Agreements_(5-10)_Alex_Marks_Strange_Attractor-37 (1)alex_marks_strange_attractor-15alex_marks_strange_attractor-5 alex_marks_strange_attractor-6_MG_2094 El Tryptophan – Insect Express from Gryphon Rue on Vimeo. https://youtu.be/Do68uPdy53Q Calder and Sound, a catalog essay accompanying the exhibition Alexander Calder: Avant-Garde in Motion, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf (2013)

Gryphon Rue