Rue Bainbridge / Saw & Synth


Rue Bainbridge is a conversation between singing saw and live light drawing.

Benton C Bainbridge’s custom video synths provide electronic calligraphy to Gryphon Rue’s arias and multilayered drones for expanded saw and polyphonic overtone singing. Through counterpoint and feedback, Saw and Synth enact a living sculpture of sound and light. The performance constantly evolves, vacillating between the poles of abstraction and representation.

Using a modified game console driven by modular synths, Bainbridge patches cables and coaxes voltages into waves of dynamic energy. Errant lines contort into startling arabesques, serpentine shapes and jagged animations, raw, soothing, ecstatic. Rue conjures mystifying voices from the saw, deceiving the ear with sounds verging on the anthropomorphic and synthesized; an aura of wonder and suspended disbelief.

The duo play 30-45 minute structured improvisations. They perform side-by-side on stage, sending audio and video to a stereo PA or multichannel system and a projector, which shines above and onto the artists. Rue Bainbridge use live cameras on their micro-movements feeding on-stage monitors to bring the audience into their space.


Photos: @auniqueting
Gryphon Rue & Benton C Bainbridge live at CommendGryphon Rue & Benton C Bainbridge live at Commend by Clayton Patterson