Gryphon Rue and Benton C Bainbridge / Saw & Synth


Gryphon Rue and Benton C Bainbridge perform immersive, real-time media with bowed singing saw and Lisa Joy: a modified game console driven by signals from modular synthesizers.

Bainbridge’s custom synths generate evolving wave-shapes from interconnected modules. The oscillations are patched into the horizontal, vertical and brightness inputs of the vector display screen.

This synth and screen are instruments for “electronic calligraphy.” Bainbridge patches cables and turns knobs to coax voltages into points of dynamic energy that vacillate between the poles of abstraction and representation, transforming from relative intelligibility to blurred indeterminacy. Squiggly lines evolve into startling arabesques, serpentine shapes and jagged animations, by turns raw or soothing.

Rue conjures the uncanny voice of the singing saw, capable of deceiving the ear with timbres verging on the anthropomorphic and synthesized. Rue’s pure and electronically processed saw frequencies create an aura of wonder and suspended disbelief, inducing Flow State; increased alpha brain wave activity manifest as a feeling of complete absorption in the activity of listening.

Photos: @auniqueting
Gryphon Rue & Benton C Bainbridge live at CommendGryphon Rue & Benton C Bainbridge live at Commend by Clayton Patterson