Band Name Clinic

A running list of band names. Feel free to adopt a name if you are in need, and please let me know if you do. A number of these names have been adopted by working bands and are included for posterity.

A Latin Word
Alternating Current
Babypuss Steinhauser
Barnett Zewman
Bjorn in the USA
Burnt Myth
Chemistry Sect
Clandestine Spaceway
Crypt Keeper Wasp
David Hackney
Denude Star
E as in Echo Train
Epignostic Frost
Executive Dish
Final Quesadilla
The Fixture
Garage Bend
Gem n’ Eye T’win
Girlfriends of Yesterday
Girls Like Deserts
Gleaner of Buddha Fields
Goo Spore
Grateful Dad
The happy trail exposure
Iannis Morriset
Jejune Levitation
Jerry Springsteen
Kaitlin Gender
Kewl and the jewce
Knit Wit
Law Office of Your Emotions
Longevity Brand
Malty Falcon
Man purrs
Memorial Gore
The Mothers and The Fuckers
Mr Percy
New Life Show
Notorious Armagnac
Pineal Rodeo
Private Lamb
Product of Conception
Questing Chins
Red is Dominant
Report to the Street Corner of Doubt
Sediment Club
Siamese Companion
Soft Estate
Student Housing
Texas Instruments
The Uncanny Valley
Top Brass
Trampled Glade
Translucent Cromlechs
Transparent Radiation
Trash Bears
Void by the Gallon
Witch boi